Neil Xavier O'Donoghue is a priest of the Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey and is a Lecturer in Systematic Theology in the Pontifical University at St. Patrick’s College in Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland. He has studied at Seton Hall University, the University of Notre Dame, and St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary. He holds a Doctorate in Theology from St Patrick’s College, Maynooth. He has published a translation of the Confessio of St. Patrick: St. Patrick: His Confession and Other Works (Totowa, NJ: Catholic Book Publishing, 2009), as well editing the third edition of Fredrick Edward Warren’s The Liturgy and Ritual of the Celtic Church (1881, 3rd ed. Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2010). In 2011 the University of Notre Dame Press published The Eucharist in Pre-Norman Ireland an adaptation of his doctoral thesis and in 2017 the Alcuin Club published his Liturgical Orientation: The Position of the President at the Eucharist as part of their Joint Liturgical Studies. His articles have appeared in The Irish Theological Quarterly, New Blackfriars, The Tablet, The Furrow and Antiphon. He also writes a monthly article on some aspect of the theology of Pope Francis in the Messenger of St. Anthony.
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