Michael Wurtz, CSC is a priest of the Congregation of Holy Cross. After receiving his BA and MDiv from the University of Notre Dame he served for three years as Associate Pastor of a South Bend parish. It was then he pursued an MA in Liturgical Studies from St. John's Univ., Collegeville. Having assisted for a year at the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy and taught in the MDiv program, he entered into doctoral studies in Liturgy at the Pontifical University of Sant'Anselmo, Rome. He resides at the Casa Santa Maria and when not blogging works on his dissertation.

“Universae ecclesiae”: some observations…

The effect Summorum Pontificum has had on the Church should not be underestimated (nor overestimated, I suppose, by some). The theological and ritual tensions that would naturally arise with the coexistence of two forms of the one Roman rite will not dissipate because of this instruction. But we can hope that greater clarity of SP will be attained through this instruction so that as parishioners, bloggers, and usages ordinary and extraordinary coexist they may do so with mutual understanding and enrichment.

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