Katharine E. Harmon is an Assistant Professor of Theology at Marian University in Indianapolis, IN, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in theology, liturgy, and lCatholic history. She is an organist and church musician at St. Mark the Evangelist Parish in Indianapolis, IN. Katharine is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame's Ph.D. program in Liturgical Studies, and the author of There Were Also Many Women There: Lay Women in the Liturgical Movement in the United States, 1926-1959 (Liturgical Press, 2013).

Organ Repertoire: Why Catholics Don’t Care

I was asked by a student today, “I just don’t understand why we need to have organ repertoire. When would you ever use it?” I stared at the student, confounded, dumbfounded. And then I had an intense moment of Catholic soul-searching. How many Catholics would understand why you’d want to have organ repertoire—how many Catholics ever do hear actual repertoire in the course of a liturgical celebration?

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