Ingrid Fischer has studied psychology and human biology as well as theology (liturgical studies) in Vienna, with a doctoral dissertation on “The Liturgy of the Three Days before Easter.” Since 2001 she has been a member of the scholarly-pedagogical team of the THEOLOGISCHE KURSE (the oldest institution of theological adult education in the German-speaking world) teaching liturgical studies and church history. Her main concern is to understand the development of liturgical expressions past and present, which is foundational for a mature faith. As program director of the AKADEMIE am DOM, she wants to bring people and convictions closer together – in a catholic manner which is respectful of those who think differently.

How to Sanctify the World

Ask a hundred Catholics what is most important in the Church. They will answer: Mass.
Ask a hundred Catholics what is most important in Mass. They will answer: Transubstantiation, the transformation of bread and wine into Christ’s body and blood.
Tell a hundred Catholics that the most important thing in the Church is, therefore, transformation.
They will be outraged: “No, everything should stay the same.”

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