I am associate professor in the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame, and director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy. My interest in liturgical theology was shaped by work in the thought of Alexander Schmemann under Aidan Kavanagh. I've tried to understand how the Church’s lex orandi grounds the Church’s lex credendi.

Wishing you a Not-so-Merry Christmas

A Chestertonian view of Christmas. “… there is in that image a true idea of an outpost, of a piercing through the rock and an entrance into an enemy territory. There is in this buried divinity an idea of undermining the world; of shaking the towers and palaces from below; even as Herod the great king felt that earthquake under him and swayed with his swaying palace.”

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On a Lapsed Symbol

DF: They won’t understand your intention.
DWF: But it’s not complicated. I just have a question. Questions are what academics do.
DF: But it’s a politicized issue, and people will think you’re advocating one thing or denying another thing.
DWF: But surely I can raise an observation.
DF: It’s your skin. Go ahead.
DWF: Well, all I said was it dawned on me one day that in the twenty years since I became a Catholic I’ve only seen the rite of purifying the vessels about half a dozen times.

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Finger and a face

Two years ago I committed one of the more heroic acts in my life. I drove in Italy. To locate my valor more precisely, I drove through Pisa to take my family to see “The Leaning Tower Of.” Until that trip, my wife and children did not know my head could rotate so nimbly, or that a Fiat Punto could downshift from fourth to first gear at that rpm, or that the laws of physics could be flexed slightly in the cause of fitting a parking space.

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