Clare V. Johnson is Senior Lecturer in Sacramental Theology and Liturgical Studies at Australian Catholic University, Strathfield NSW. Clare has a B.Mus (Hons) from the University of Melbourne, a B. Theol (Hons) from the Melbourne College of Divinity, an M.A. Theol from Catholic Theological College at Chicago and a Ph.D. (Liturgical Studies) from The University of Notre Dame (Indiana).

Praying the new translation

It may be that the novelty of praying the new translation for the first time (while also knowing that it is not yet officially what we have to pray) will wear off upon weekly/daily repetition. It may be that concentrating on singing the chant correctly distracted me somewhat from concentrating on the text as much. It may be that some parts of the translation that rankle slightly on a first praying will become more (or less) abrasive as time progresses. Only widespread use and experience of the new translation will determine such things for each of us as we learn to adapt ourselves to this new way of praying.

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