Bruce Morrill, S.J., holds the Edward A. Malloy Chair in Roman Catholic Studies at Vanderbilt University, where he is Professor of Theological Studies in the Divinity School and Graduate Department of Religion and Director of the Doctorate of Ministry program. He provides educative, liturgical, and pastoral ministry in parish, school, and prison settings in Nashville and has done so over the years across the USA, including regular trips to Yup’ik villages in western Alaska. In addition to ongoing publications in academic journals, collective volumes, and popular platforms, his ten books include Anamnesis as Dangerous Memory (2000), Divine Worship and Human Healing (2009), and the forthcoming Practical Sacramental Theology: At the Intersection of Liturgy and Ethics (2021).

Latest Issue of Questions Liturgiques, Including Article on Schmemann

Alexander Schmemann published a tight corpus of writings focused on articulating the irreducible, eschatological content of the liturgy as revelatory of divine redemption, while continuously insisting that this fundamental tradition of the church is doubly crippled by ignorance of its eschatological nature and mistaken efforts to draw contemporary social concerns into its practice.

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