Where Peter Is, Cardinal Roche, and Traditionis Custodes

Wow. First The Pillar – a fine site I increasingly follow – published a hard-hitting piece suggesting that Cardinal Roche of the Dicastery for Divine Worship is overstepping his bounds, arrogating power to himself, and going beyond the Pope’s decrees limiting the so-called Traditional Latin Mass.

Then Mike Lewis at Where Peter Is scored a response from Cardinal Roche himself stating that this is an “absurdity.” Money quote:

“It is an absurdity to think that the prefect of a dicastery would do anything other than exercise the wishes of the Holy Father as clearly outlined in their mandate and the General Norms of Praedicate Evangelium. The article in the Pillar is not really an attack on me but on the Pope’s authority which for Catholics is an astonishing act full of hubris.”

Okay, I suppose he could have stated that a bit more gently. But it seems safe to say that the Pope has Roche’s back and supports his application and enforcement of Traditionis Custodes.