In This Issue: Liturgy 37, no. 4 (2022) “Renewals in Retrospect”

Liturgy is the journal of The Liturgical Conference, an ongoing movement within the ecumenical church founded in 1940. It advocates for the renewal of liturgy, supports the formation of liturgical people, and seeks the unity of the Body of Christ, for the life of the world.

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Introduction: Renewals in Retrospect
Melinda A. Quivik and Andrew Wymer 

Liturgical Renewal 1966-2020—A Mainline Protestant Perspective
Byron Anderson

Fifty Years of Worship Scholarship amidst the Changing Worlds of Worship (1972-2022)
John F. Baldovin, S.J.

(In)organic Development?: Assessing Liturgical Reform in the Eastern Churches in the Wake of Vatican II
Brian A. Butcher

Let the Blessings Flow: Liturgy and Race in the Last Fifty Years
Joseph Donella II

Decolonial Challenges and Opportunities
Michael Jagessar

A Practice of Weaving: The Life and On-Going Legacy of Womanist Liturgical Praxis
Chelsea Brooke Yarborough

Free Church Worship Renewal
Sarah Kathleen Johnson

Continuity and Change: The Past Half-Century of Jewish Liturgical Life
Ruth Langer

What is true for us: Feminist contributions to Liturgical Experiences
Janet Walton

The Impact I Have Seen Resulting from NAAL’s Work
Gordon W. Lathrop

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