In This Issue: Liturgy 36, no. 4 (2021)

Liturgy is the journal of The Liturgical Conference, an ongoing movement with the ecumenical church founded in 1940. It advocates for the renewal of liturgy, supports the formation of liturgical people, and seeks the unity of the Body of Christ, for the life of the world.

Religion outside of Religion
David Farina Turnbloom

Unmute Yourself: How to Know Whether and How to Offer Online Worship Options
Taylor W. Burton-Edwards

Dancing with Death: Finding Ritual Rhythms on the Dancefloor
M. Cooper Minister

The Liturgy of Sports: Or How to Celebrate Contingency without Believing That God Loves Tom Brady More Than Everyone Else
Jason M. Smith

Practicing Martyrdom? From Liturgy as Protest to Protest as Liturgy
Brandy Daniels

The Expansive Table: Food as Formative and Transformative
Rachel Wheeler

Black Tarot: African American Women and Divine Processes of Resilience
Marcelitte Failla

Symbolized Reality: Liturgy and Tabletop Role-Playing Games
Benjamin Durheim

An Eaten Church: Celebrating the Eucharist as Fragments of Bread
David Farina Turnbloom

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