Free Webinar Series: Historical Studies in Christian Liturgies

The Yale Institute of Sacred Music has announced they will be offering a free webinar series for this spring titled Historical Studies in Christian Liturgies. Among the presenters is Pray Tell’s own Nathan Chase.

Below is the schedule of webinars and links to register for each. You can learn more by going to the Religion New Service press release.

February 4th –Path as Cultural Technique: The Easter Tuesday Procession at Montecassino
Andrew Irving

March 4th – The Liturgical Emotions of Hymnody: Romanos the Melodist and the Songs of Pascha
Andrew Mellas

April 1 –Eucharistic Materiality and Lay Liturgical Experience in the Early Middle Ages
Juliette Day

April 29 –The Egyptian Sanctus and the Apse Iconography of the Red Monastery Church: Musings on the Use of the Sanctus in the Shenoutean Federation
Nathan Chase

May 6th – Early Slavic Liturgy at the Crossroads of East and West: The Glagolitic Manuscripts at Sinai
Nina Glibetić

May 13th –Liturgy and the Life Course: Rites of Passage for Children and Adolescents in Late Antiquity and Byzantium
Gabriel Radle


  1. Congratulations, Nathan!
    One of the things the pandemic taught us is that online conferencing is not a bad way to reach out to a specialized audience. People still don’t want to travel. This brings the presentations to their own home or office and keeps costs down. I believe an in-person event is richer than any zoom presentation, and personally I feel that taking the time out to go to a conference creates a psychological space that is not achieved otherwise. But electronic conferencing also now has its place, and I am glad to see the ISM is using it.

    1. I share your thinking, Rita, but also know from a previous ISM series of webinars like this one that it reached people in far flung places, literally around the globe.
      Plus, it keeps international travel, with its attendant CO2 emissions, low :).
      On that cheerful note: See you at the webinar!

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