Lecture: Reconstructing Sacred Space in the Post-Soviet Milieu

Pray Tell’s very own Nick Denysenko will be giving Valparaiso University’s fifth Professorial Lecture Thursday, November 11 at 4pm CST. This lecture will be in celebration on his attainment of the status of full professor.

Entitled “Reconstructing Sacred Space in the Post-Soviet Milieu: New Churches, New Ideologies?”, Nick will explore the dynamics of sacred space, place, and ideology in the post-Soviet milieu, with particular attention to Ukraine’s multi-confessional religious context. The lecture will also attend to the political controversy surrounding new laws on parish confessional affiliation and the significance of property in these contexts, especially given the conflicting claims to property ownership by the state, the Church, and the people.  

While this lecture is available to the public in person, you can also attend via webinar using the Zoom link and information below:


Webinar ID:  844 6754 0290
Passcode: 209720

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