Liturgical Leadership Program at Notre Dame

NOTRE DAME, Ind. The University of Notre Dame Center for Liturgy has announced a significant revamping of its formation offerings. Beginning this current academic year, its annual conference (most recently called Liturgy Week) will be retired. In its place comes the Mathis Liturgical Leadership Program a fully-funded, two-year formation program for a small cohort of church leaders.

As stated in their promotional materials, “the aim of the MLLP is two-fold: first, to provide Mathis Liturgical Leaders with the tools needed to assess the Eucharistic culture in their community, then, to form and empower them to develop resources and/or content that will help them build up the Eucharistic culture beginning in their own community, and then hopefully in surrounding communities. Informed by their coursework and working in collaboration with experts, each participant will design and work toward the completion of a project, teaching resource, and/or publication.”

The program shift presents one vibrant option for the ongoing education and formation of parish ministers, both lay and ordained. Its emphasis on Eucharistic culture is of particular interest in light of the 2019 Pew survey regarding Catholics and the Eucharist, the emphasis on Eucharistic revival by the USCCB, and the ongoing turmoil surrounding admission to the Eucharistic table. By rooting such education and formation in a two-year cohort rather than an isolated conference, the Center for Liturgy demonstrates a long-term commitment to authentic Eucharistic renewal grounded in community life.

Interested applicants should apply here by Monday, November 29, 2021.

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