GOSPEL COMMUNION: 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 10 2021 : 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today’s Gospel, Jesus imparts wisdom to his followers, including the Ten Commandments. None of the options in the Missal, Antiphonary or Graduale relate to this, so the Collegeville Composers opted instead to provide an outpouring of praise to wisdom, reflecting today’s 1st Reading, Wisdom 7:7-11. The antiphon is a paraphrase of

Beyond health and beauty I loved her,
And I chose to have her rather than the light,
because her radiance never ceases. (Wisdom 7:10)

This is coupled with verses that set extracts from Wisdom 9.

The antiphon may be sung as a simple Dorian mode melody, or as a round in up to four parts, as on the demo recording from the recording Walk in My Ways, found here.

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