Liturgical Summer Course in Germany

Catholic University of America and the Theologische Fakultät Trier recently announced a new cooperative program of interest to graduate students of liturgy. It centers around coursework, research opportunities, and German language learning, including:

  • “Understanding the Bible from the Liturgy,” a 3-credit summer course taught in English at Trier from May 16-July 1, 2022 (with a one-week break for Pentecost). Taught by Dr. Marco Benini (liturgy, Trier/CUA), with some class sessions by Dr. Stefanos Alexopoulos (liturgy, CUA), Dr. Hans-Georg Gradl (NT, Trier), and Dr. Carolin Neuber (OT, Trier), the course examines the rich and varied relationships between the liturgy and the Scriptures.
  • German language and cultural education, tailored to the student’s current level of instruction and ability.
  • Introduction and access to the German Liturgical Institute, one of the finest libraries of liturgical studies in the world, along with other theological libraries in Trier.
  • Practical introduction to liturgical manuscript paleography.
  • Study trips to Cologne, Aachen, Maria Laach, and Mainz, with optional excursions to Luxembourg and Paris.
  • Optional attendance in other courses on the Liturgy of the Hours and Old and New Testaments, in German.
  • Meeting and getting to know German students in seminars and social activities.

Full details, including costs and the application process, can be found here.

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