Papal MC named a diocesan bishop

The Vatican Bulletin today reports that Msgr Guido Marini, the Pontifical Master of Ceremonies since 2007, has been named Bishop of Tortona. Read their press release here.

A priest of the archdiocese of Genoa, he returns to northwest Italy. Tortona is less than 50 miles north of Genoa.

There will be speculation as to his successor as Papal MC.


  1. And this morning Archbishop Arthur Roche, Prefect of CDW, met with Pope Francis, along with his Secretary and Undersecretary. The Secretary is, of course, Archbishop Viola, the outgoing Bishop of Tortona (2014-2021), the diocese to which Guido Marini has now been appointed. One imagines that a topic of conversation could well have been the naming of a new Pontifical Master of Ceremonies.

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