Study Gregorian Chant online with Fr. Anthony Ruff OSB

Fr. Anthony Ruff is offering 1 credit of Gregorian Chant entirely online this September 13 to November 22. The course is aynchronous, done at the student’s own pace over the course of each week.

This course is a comprehensive introduction to Gregorian Chant, with practical emphasis on singing it in the liturgy. Topics treated: historical development, Latin pronunciation, notation, modality, rhythmic interpretation, repertoire and liturgical use, English adaptations, and conducting. Some knowledge of the basics of music theory is expected. Participants will submit short videos of their singing (and optionally, conducting) each week.

Course information is here: Click here to register.

Here are comments from past participants in this course:

I LOVE it!!! I’m so grateful for your lovely feedback which bolsters my spirit.  I’ve learned so very much…  I like the flexibility to fit different schedules…  I’ve only taken a few online courses before, but I think this is one of the most effective online learning methods I’ve taken part in…  Thank you for your organization of the class – it’s excellent… I was struck by Fr. Anthony’s consideration for the singers… Love the scaffolding of our learning… Thank you for your clear explanations. This class is bringing me clarity on a number of concepts that seemed a bit vague before… The presentation was very complete, and I now feel confident doing Latin chant in the liturgy… I admire Fr. Anthony’s commitment to advance his students to sing better and better… I grew as musician over the course of the semester due to his teaching and more importantly his feedback… not a “Cookie-cutter” approach, but asked us to absorb and understand the material and, in many cases, come to our own synthesis of understanding… his deep knowledge of the topic was an invaluable resource; there was no question that he was master of the subject… this course made me feel more comfortable and confident in the field of Gregorian Chant… perfect pace, clear explanation, detailed personal input and encouragement from Fr. Anthony.

100% of students ranked this course excellent in the following areas: Explanations by instructor, Instructor’s ability to present alternative explanations when needed, Instructor’s use of examples and illustrations, Quality of questions or problems raised by the instructor, Student confidence in instructor’s knowledge, Instructor’s enthusiasm, Encouragement given students to express themselves, Answers to student questions, Availability of extra help when needed, Use of class time, Instructor’s interest in whether students learned, Amount learned in the course, Relevance and usefulness of course content, Reasonableness of assigned work, Clarity of student responsibilities and requirements.

Address any questions to Donelle Poling in Admissions. Offered by Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary.

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