The Music of the First Christians – Recorded Lecture

From 2014-2018, Prof. Christopher Page, now a Fellow at Sidney Sussex College at the University of Cambridge, was a Professor of Music at Gresham College. In 2016, he gave a lecture on the Music of the First Christians. You can view the lecture in its entirety below.

This lecture was part of a larger series called The Christian Singer from the Gospels to the Gothic Cathedrals. Use the above link to follow more installments of the series


  1. This is so good! Do you know if there is a printed text available?

    I love his book, The Christian West and Its Singers: The First Thousand Years.

  2. Mr.. Page has a number of other lecture series on music from the time of this tenure at Gresham College. I’ve watched a few and they’re very good, with some stand out lectures in each series. And of course this one is excellent as well!

    1. Replying to myself: apologies, the editor has correctly and easily posted a link to all of these lectures! Thanks. Now I’ll use the link…

  3. Great lecture, and looking forward to watching the others!

    However, I was disappointed that input relating to the 2nd to 4th/5th centuries was interspersed with chant from a period at least four centuries later. We could have been given examples of Jewish synagogue chant, early Greek chant, etc, showing how early Christian music was related to other music of the Eastern Mediterranean, as Page indeed points out. That would have been far more illuminating for the uninformed than chant taken from the tradition as restored in the 19th/20th centuies by Mocquereau and others.

    But all praise to Page for making a sometimes overly-scholastic subject very engaging for the audience!

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