The increasing influence of the liturgical school Sant’Anselmo on the Vatican

CNA has a perceptive article by By Andrea Gagliarducci, “The increasing influence of the liturgical school Sant’Anselmo in the Vatican.” The Benedictine-run in Rome school was massively influential in the implementation of the liturgical reform called for by the Second Vatican Council. As Gagliarducci points out, Sant’ Anselmo teachers and alums have an outsized influence in the Vatican under Pope Francis, especially in liturgy.


  1. This is such a non-story….

    Imagine. Graduates of the Pontifical Liturgy Institute being influential in matters liturgical. Who’d have thunk it?! Next thing there will be theologians wielding influence in the CDF and diplomats in the Secretariat of State!

    It’s also a pretty mean-spirited article. With lots of inaccuracies…. Marini ‘Primo’ still functioning as the Pope’s MC for trips inside Italy? Who dreamt up that fairy-tale?

    1. Hi Martin,

      For years Gagliarducci has written pro-Benedict articles suspicious of Francis for CNA. I don’t read Gagliarducci as celebrating or lamenting the Sant’ Anselmo influence in a mean-spirited way, just naming it. The shift he names is real, if you look at the people Benedict did and didn’t appoint to the CDW and the committee (whatever it’s called) for papal liturgies.

      Good catch on Marini primo – he’s not MC anywhere anymore.


  2. Does anyone know what he means when says that Marini Magnus forced JPII to wear extravagant vestments? Also, Gagliarducci states that Benedict immediately reassigned Marini, when in reality it took him more than 2 years.

    Apropos Grillo, given his distinction between Participation 1 and 2, i’m making t-shirts with the slogan “NO P2 B4 V2” so that everyone understands what the issue is about. Does anyone want one?

  3. It is a rather odd article, with a snarky tone. There are other mistakes. Andrea Grillo is professor of sacramental theology in the Theology Faculty there, not the Liturgical Institute. He is also professor of liturgy at the Institute of Pastoral Liturgy of Padua, which, if I’m not mistaken, is associated with Sant’Anselmo’s Theology Faculty and gives Sant’Anselmo degrees. And I don’t think Guido Marini studied there. He has a doctorate in canon and civil law from the Lateran University, and and a licentiate in the psychology of communication from the Salesiana. Is there something I’ve missed?

  4. As the fathers at St. John’s Abbey well know and teach, and as I hope the faculty and alumni of Sant’ Anselmo do as well, “saying the black and doing the red” has its place in our worship but not the principal place. Those in charge at the dicastery too often have thought “authentica” means “correct” in practice and so they gave attention to abuses against that standard. To implement Sacrosanctum Concilium exactly to the letter was to miss the point of what we are meant to do. A closer attention to the common aspect of our prayer, and the way it is supposed to evangelize, is what I want to see from this greater collaboration.

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