USCCB issues Q&A on their Eucharist document

At the USCCB website is this new document addressing some misunderstandings and criticisms about the decision last week to draft a document on the Eucharist.

The USCCB clarifies that they did not vote to ban politicians from receiving Holy Communion, they are not going to issue a national policy on withholding Communion from
politicians, and the Vatican did not tell the bishops not to move forward on drafting the document. These are important points to get across since the bishops have taken somewhat of a beating in the public coverage of this issue.

I suppose cynics will say that they’re doing damage control and should have been able to foresee the unfavorable news coverage. And there will be pushback on their first point, “Why are the bishops doing this now?” claiming that this issue has long been a concern of the bishops, since it has already been reported that one bishop after the other spoke in favor of issuing a document now because of Biden being a Catholic president.

But overall, these Q&A are well-done and indicate that the bishops have a good grasp of the challenges that await them in drafting this document. Let’s hope for a good process with good consultation and good liturgical input so that the final document is as strong as possible. That would be a grace for the Catholic church.



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