Plans for organ-building studio at St. John’s

Recently, Saint John’s Abbey received an exciting proposal by world-renowned Pasi Organ Builders to move its operation to Collegeville, Minnesota. It is Martin Pasi who recently expanded the 1961 Holtkamp in the abbey church to be the largest pipe organ on any Catholic college or university campus in the U.S.

This proposal to have an organ building studio at St. John’s is timely, as it coincides with a pressing need by Abbey Woodworking to update and expand its woodworking facilities. If all goes as planned, the new facility will include both expanded woodworking facilities and the organ building studio.

Read more about it in this promo brochure.








  1. Such a great idea! As a 2004 graduate of SJU and as someone who has worked in the industry building pipe organs, (for Holtkamp, not Pasi) I wish this would have happened 20 years ago, but it’s a good thing regardless. Is the idea that St. John’s Abbey is part of a succession plan for Martin Pasi?

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