GOSPEL COMMUNION: 4th Sunday of Easter

April 25 2021 : 4th Sunday of Easter

The Gospel of the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep is echoed in the Communion Antiphons found in the Missal —

The Good Shepherd has risen,
who laid down his life for his sheep
and willingly died for his flock, alleluia.

and in the 1974 Graduale for Year B —

I am the Good Shepherd, says the Lord;
I know my sheep, and mine know me.
Alleluia.   (John 10:14, a direct quotation from the Gospel)

In both cases, Ps 22/23 is proposed for the psalm verses, so the Collegeville Composers opted to re-use their setting of this psalm in its entirety. The form is one of the classic examples of the CCG’s use of mini-refrains to enhance assembly participation.

An extract from the CD Walk in My Ways will be found here:

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