60-Second Sermon: Christmas Day

Rev. Ronald Raab, C.S.C., reflects on the Gospel Reading (John 1:1-18) for Christmas Day (25 December 2020) for our 60-Second Sermon Series.

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  1. You keep talking about hope, but nothing good happens. So what’s the basis for hope? God isn’t doing anything that anyone can see. If your version of Christianity is just that anything that happens gets mapped onto “Christ” using metaphorical language and stretches of reality, as you do in this short, such that Christianity is just an empty metanarrative for history without any contribution to make of its own, then what’s the point of Christianity? Where’s the real? Where’s the real Gospel? Where are the results that can be experienced instead of just talked about in images and metaphors? Young people are leaving Christianity precisely because of the empty talk displayed in this video. It has no relevance to anyone’s life. It’s just words. It doesn’t itself improve anything, nor does it point to anything definitive that is done by God.

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