Advanced Gregorian Chant Seminar Online

Fr. Anthony Ruff OSB is offering an advanced one-credit Gregorian Chant Interpretation seminar January 25 – May 14, 2021 for those who already have competence in singing four-line Latin chant and basic familiarity with lineless St. Gall neumes. We’re using the Graduale Novum. The seminar is entirely online.

Each week participants will:

  • do a short reading on the genre of the week’s chant;
  • submit a brief written analysis of the chant of the week – rhythmic, modal, theological-liturgical;
  • submit a video of their singing of that chant;
  • offer constructive feedback to one another on their sung renditions.

Genres of chant taken up in each successive week will vary – introit, graduale, tract, night office responsory, office hymn, etc. Optionally, if all students agree and the timing works, the instructor’s end of the week video commentary will be replaced by a synchronous online conference of all students.

Register here – click “Registration” or “New Student Registration.”

For questions about the course, or advice on how much facility in lineless neumes is needed, or how to get up to speed by January 25, email Fr. Anthony at awruff [at]

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