New Director of the Sistine Chapel Choir

Monsignor Marcos Pavan, who has been acting director of music of the Sistine Chapel Choir since the departure last year of Massimo Palombella, has today, the feastday of St Cecilia, been confirmed as the Maestro Direttore of the Cappella Musica Pontificia.

A priest of the diocese of Campo Limpo, a suffragan see of São Paolo in Brazil, Mgr Pavan has been involved with the choir since 1998, when he was brought in by Maestro Giuseppe Liberto to take charge of the training of the Pueri Cantores, the choir that provides the boys’ voices for the Sistina.

Born in 1962, he trained as a lawyer in Brazil before commencing studies for the priesthood in Rome, and was ordained a priest in 1996. He has had musical formation in Brazil, New York and Solesmes, with concentrations in piano, vocal technique, choral conducting and Gregorian Chant.

In 2005 he was named a Monsignor with the title of Chaplain of His Holiness by Benedict XVI, and in December 2015 was named by Pope Francis a Coadjutor of the Cathedral Chapter (committee of canons) of St Peter’s Basilica.

His appointment brings to an end speculation on the identity of a new Maestro di Cappella, speculation which has included well-known names from around the world.

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  1. It’s a joy to hear them sing. Their melodious voices add solemnity to the liturgical proceedings. Wishing Monsignor Marcos Pavan, the Maestro Direttore of the Cappella Musica Pontificia and his distinguished Sistine Chapel Choir singers – strength, stamina and fabulous lung capacity. God bless.

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