Praying in an Election Season: A Congregational Litany

Leader: God of all people, we come to you on the brink of transition in our nation. As we prepare to elect earthly leaders, we confess the ways we have forgotten to live our identity as citizens of your kingdom.

Leader: Forgive us for judging others by their bumper stickers or yard signs.
People: Lord, have mercy.

Leader: Forgive us for victimizing others because we have been victimized.
People: Lord, have mercy.

Leader: Forgive us for being impatient in our call to live out long obedience in the same direction.
People: Lord, have mercy.

Leader: Forgive us for withholding mercy because of our own brokenness.
People: Lord, have mercy.


Leader: We recommit ourselves to live on earth with the values of heaven,
People: even when that means turning the world upside down.


People: Jesus, you call us to live in love.
Leader: Help us to be your body and to embody your kingdom.

People: Jesus, you call us to bear witness.
Leader: Help us to see the suffering around us with your eyes.

People: Jesus, you call us to be peacemakers.
Leader: Help us to bring shalom in our families, our communities, and our world.

People: Jesus, you call us to work for justice.
Leader: Help us to carry the least among us in our hearts and serve them with our hands.

People: Lord, give us the strength to place every part of our lives under your lordship.

Leader: Give us the courage to take risks for the sake of your kingdom. Bless our efforts to be your body, your hands, your feet. Forgive us when we fail to do all that we can.

People: Root us in your love, that your kingdom may grow.


All: Amen.

Written by Rev. Sherah-Leigh Gerber, associate pastor at Harrisonburg Mennonite Church, and Abbey Dupuy, director of music and liturgy at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church


For readers in the U.S., how are you praying during this election season?

Pray Tell will continue to offer a variety of prayers for the nation and for the election in coming weeks. You are invited to submit your thoughts, your suggestions, and your prayer texts.

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