Westminster Cathedral music administrator resigns

In a dynamite letter recently posted, Madeline Smith lifts the lid on the behaviour of headmaster and clergy, the inexcusable treatment of the Master of Music, misleading of parents, a toxic atmosphere, and more.

The entire resignation letter will be found


      1. There is a free trial, but you have to give them all your personal information, including credit card details, and then remember to cancel before the 30 days are up. I prefer not to go down that route.

      2. Much as I’d love to, I think that may not make the IP gods too happy. The only additional news other than extracting heavily from the letter, is the School amd Diocese saying that the letter was written by a bitter former employer and is “replete with inaccurate and baseless claims” without specifying a single case of either an innacurate or a baseless claim. It’s a shockingly un-Christian response from them (possibly defamatory too), really nasty. The fact of Martin Baker walking out, the father of 3 choristers speaking out against the way they were forced out, etc etc all clearly give a solid foundation to this whole matter, and to impugn the Music Administrator’s integrity in this way is low indeed.

      3. Thank you, Alex. A friend sent me a copy of the article. It does indeed make grim reading.

        In addition to the points you raise, the diocese talks about Ms Smith having a personal grudge, and maintains that “Westminster Cathedral Choir School and Westminster Cathedral, with its music department, are working closely together”. Given that Ms Smith only left her position on 31 August, that seems manifestly untrue. She effectively was the music department until her departure.

  1. Indeed Paul. Peter Stevens is still there, hanging on for grim life no doubt. It’s very sad. The School has just sent a letter to all parents accusing the Music Admistrator of spreading calumnies. It’s astonishing, especially in circumstances where the various parties have been asking the School and Diocese to provide the supporting information for their own claims. For over a year, they have refused to do so, as it would expose their claims to be suspect at best. It will all come out in the wash.

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