Catholic Theological Union receives “Preaching with the Sciences” Grant


In an innovative effort to bridge the perceived gap between faith and science, the Templeton Foundation has awarded a grant to Catholic Theological Union (CTU) to explore the overlap between scientific knowledge and the quest for religious understanding. The $220,000 grant will support a 31-month project led by Fr. Edward Foley, Capuchin, who is an emeritus faculty member at CTU.

Under the direction of Fr. Foley, homilists and scientists will explore the positive ways that science can contribute to preaching in the modern church. Eventually, over a hundred homily outlines for the three-year lectionary cycle will be created and offered free of charge, with open access available to preachers seeking aid and inspiration for sermon preparation.

Fr. Mark R. Francis CSV, President of Catholic Theological Union, describes the project as “crucial and potentially life-saving.” At this unique time in history when some see faith as a barrier to science or feel encouraged by their faith to ignore scientific research, the series stands to make a real difference not just in spiritual matters, but in practical ones, as well.

More information about the “Preaching with the Sciences” grant and updates on its progress can be found at Fr. Edward Foley’s website,


  1. I am grateful for this effort to bring faith and science together, especially in the midst of so much misinformation and lack of trust in our nation. May more of our Church leaders open their hearts and minds to the gift of science as one more way to experience the divine.

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