New Italian Edition of the Roman Missal Published

The Daily News Bulletin of Holy See carries the news today that Pope Francis granted an audience for the  “Presentation of the new Missal of the Italian Episcopal Conference.”

Last year PrayTell carried a story on this new translation on its approval by Pope Francis. The new edition which the Italian bishops approved in 2018, will cost €110 and its use will be mandatory from Easter 2021.

Today Avenire, the official newspaper of the Italian Bishop’s Conference, carries a news article on the presentation of the first copy of the new edition to Pope Francis. This article says that there will be only three changes to the assembly’s parts of the liturgy:

The Our Father will reflect the new Italian translation that was already introduced last year: “lead us not into temptation” [e non ci indurre in tentazione ] will now read “abandon us not to temptation” [ non abbandonarci alla tentazion ].

The word “also” [anche] will be added to the line “as we [also] forgive those who trespass against us.” [come anche noi li rimettiamo].

Then one line of the Gloria is also changed: “peace on earth to those people of good will” [pace in terra agli uomini di buona volontà] will change to “peace on earth peace to those people, loved by God” [pace in terra agli uomini, amati dal Signore].

These three changes are the only changes to the assembly’s parts, and two of them had already been made with the new Our Father translation. All other changes will be in the parts that the priest says alone.

There have been rumors about other changes, particularly whether the words of institution at the cup will change from “for all” to “for many.”  But we will have to wait until copies of the new missal are available to see these.


  1. The Italian conference has been allowed, according to the Avvenire article, to continue to have original prayers (new compositions) as in its 1983 edition. Some may recall that conciliar ICEL in its revision of the Missal included a number of original prayers, especially Scripture-related opening prayers for Sundays and solemnities. The revision prepared by curial ICEL, now in use, includes no newly-composed texts..

    1. Interesting. My former parish actually used the opening prayers from the 1998 missal for a while once the draft surfaced, and the newly-composed texts were strikingly beautiful. To this day, the one for Christmas Eve has stuck with me. It asks God to “give [the assembly] a place among the shepherds, that we may find the One for Whom we have waited…”

      Something tells me Francis is probably a fan of those new Italian prayers, so he gave the go-ahead for their use to continue. The same goes for the change in the Gloria; the line in his native Spanish reads, “…and on earth peace to people whom the Lord loves.” I hate “peace to people of good will” because it sounds like “peace to people who are kind-hearted” rather than the intended meaning of something like “peace to people who have God’s favor.” I bet Francis recognized that the Spanish has that nuance and, being the bishop of the Italian capital, had some role in replicating the change for the Italians.

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