Brief Book Review: The Ten Green Commandments of Laudato Si

The Ten Green Commandments of Laudato Si
Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam

Who should read this? Anyone who wants a superb guide to the core themes and ideas of the papal encyclical, Laudato Si, presented in an accessible, comprehensive, and authoritative manner.

Why does it matter? Laudato Si addresses what is widely recognized as the most critical issue facing humanity today. Kureethdam’s book is a valuable introduction to the encyclical whose message has only increased in importance since its publication in 2015.

What difference will this book make? Based on my own response, I predict this book will galvanize, reinvigorate, and broaden the convictions of those who already recognize the need to “care for our common home.” Many will find this book to be an invaluable educational and pastoral resource that encourages ecological conversion.

What intrigued me the most? The title is not only intriguing but also provides an excellent structure and unique lens for the author’s holistic exposition of Laudato Si.

Where does this book miss the mark? My only critique is that no topical index is provided. That, and perhaps a basic glossary, would be very helpful for teaching purposes.

Kudos Thank you, Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam, for bringing your keen academic insight, your teacher’s heart, your deep faith and your own passionate concern for our common home to this volume. It makes all the difference! Thank you for including extensive and substantial quotes from Laudato Si; for integrating the wisdom of additional authors; for helpful references to your other writing. Thank you for a lucid text; for beneficial repetition of key concepts; for an astute recognition of and fidelity to the profound messages of Laudato Si. This is a book I will return to more than once for my own enrichment and for the benefit of my students. As we celebrate the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si, I could not recommend this book more highly!

Kureethadam, Joshtrom Isaac. The Ten Green Commandments of Laudato Si. Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2019. 240 pages. ISBN: 9780814663639

REVIEWER: Mary Frances Fleischaker, OP, DMin

Sister Mary Frances Fleischaker is a lecturer in the Department of Theology and Philosophy at Barry University and teaches in the Lay Ministry program of the Archdiocese of Miami.

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  1. I purchased this book at a seminary bookshop (that it is sold there may be a hopeful sign!) several months ago. If nothing else, it spurred me to undertake an attentive and prayerful rereading of Laudato Si – that alone makes it more than worth the purchase price.

    It has reinforced my sense that the encyclical’s mainstream reception as a climate-change exhortation is unjust. Certainly, it gives due consideration to that critical reality. But it is so much richer and encompasses so much more.

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