GOSPEL COMMUNION: Third Sunday of Easter

April 26, 2020: Third Sunday of Easter, Year A

None of the multiple choices for Communion antiphon today seemed to quite fit the high Eucharistic theme of this Sunday’s Gospel. The Collegeville Composers opted for a new text, directly linking the two tables of Word and Eucharist, set to the hymn tune STUTTGART, but suggesting that it could also be sung unaccompanied in a more chant-like fashion, taking the words out of a strict rhythm.

The accompanying canticle, taken from Revelation 4 and 5, a eulogy to the Lamb, (sung by the church at the Chrism Mass and every Tuesday at evening prayer), may be replaced or supplemented by Psalms 34 and 23, as in the Liturgical Press Psallite series octavo: At Your Word Our Hearts Are Burning.

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