Pray Tell has published the following scholarly theological and liturgical reflection on the coronavirus pandemic.

The Paschal Triduum that (almost) Wasn’t   by Katie Harmon

Sacred Word, Sacred Image   by Jeana Visel

Flattening the Worship Curve?  by Marie-Louise Ternier

An Irish Wake   by Neil Xavier Donoghue

Bishop of Brescia – Exercise your baptismal priesthood   by James Hadley

Eucharist in a time of Coronavirus   by Jim Sabak

Eucharistic Living without the Eucharist   by Nicholas Denysenko

Sacred Scatteredness   by Jill Crainshaw

An Uninvited, but Appointed Sabbath   by Nicholas Denysenko

When There Is No Eucharist, the Glorified Christ Fasts with Us   by Justin Duvall

Liturgy and COVID-19   by Timothy Brunk