LITURGICAL HOW-TO – Coronavirus Pandemic

Pray Tell has published the following how-to helps about prayer and liturgy during the coronavirus pandemic.


Episcopal priest gives ‘Last Rites’ by phone   by James Hadley

Virtual Liturgies can be Dangerous Too!   by Neil Xavier Donoghue

The Absence of Holy Water   by Anthony Ruff

Holy See: Decree in Time of Covid-19, March 25

Yes you can. No you can’t: Roman Catholic Bishop allows, then disallows, anointing by nurses   by James Hadley

Bishop of Brescia – Exercise Your Baptismal Priesthood   by James Hadley

Vatican Guidelines: Holy Week Liturgies

Is it Time for General Absolution?   by Neil Xavier Donoghue

Liturgy and Social Distancing   by Brandon Sanders


Welcoming Online Worshipers as Active Participants   by Anthony Ruff

Livestreamed Eucharist “Without the People” – Step Backward or Forward?   by Cornelius Roth 

Corona Pandemic and Oikonomia   by Liborius Lumma

RESPONSE: Mass Without the People is Legitimate   by Helmut Hoping

Mass Online with Full, Conscious, and Active Participation?   by Audrey Seah

Private Mass Does Not Fit with a Contemporary Understanding of Eucharist   by Albert Gerhards, Benedikt Kranemann, Stephan Winter

What Livestreamed Mass Means to Me at This Time

Seeking to Encounter the Eucharistic Christ in Digital Bread and Wine   by Teresa Berger


Initiating Christians during Time of Health Crisis: Some Question

The Least We Can Do   by Rita Ferrone