An Irish Wake

Everyone is challenged in these Coronavirus times. We need to be responsible and follow the advice of medical experts. But we still need to have contact of some kind with others.

Some places are in complete lockdown, in a lot of others “social-distancing” is the new normal. Here in Ireland nearly all church services except funerals have been cancelled. Funerals are still going ahead with tiny congregations (normally there are massive crowds in Irish funerals compared to their US counterparts).

Yesterday there was a funeral in a small village in Co Kerry. The people of the parish couldn’t attend the funeral Mass or be at the graveside, so they all went and lined the 2km road from the church to the cemetery keeping social distance from each other.

A moving video of the journey is available here .

It shows how solidarity is still possible and is an example of how we can remain human and be close to each other even while obeying the medical advice of the authorities. May the Lord inspire all of us with creativity in this time!


  1. Watching the video brought a tear to my eye. With funerals first banned and graveside services now banned in the most of the US, how will we get creative?

    I had to look up “Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine”
    Thank you, internet:
    “Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine,” is an Irish saying that translates literally as “People live in each other’s shadows.” Meaning, we are shielded from the sun by each other, we rely on each other for shelter. People need each other.

  2. A segment of this video was incorporated into this Sunday’s ( 22 March ) Face The Nation program, in the United States.

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