Architecture Course in Denver – January 2020

Fr. Daniel McCarthy OSB writes in to alert us to a course in Architecture for Liturgy being held in Denver this coming January 20-24 (2020).

This year’s course  begins with the ancient basilicas of Rome. Next, we churches arrangements in conjunction with the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). Then we consider the three primary human experiences and their respective places: personal illumination with light in the baptistery and font, ongoing maturation by the word in the hall and at the ambo, interpersonal communion through consummation at the dais and altar-ciborium. Liturgy weeks include visits to selected churches with guided discussions on the liturgical principles realized, and not yet fully realized.

Next year, the The Second Liturgy Week Architecture for Liturgy II will be held.

These Liturgy Weeks are designed for parish planning groups, architects and artists, diocesan worship office directors, pastors, liturgists, and ecumenical partners. The presentations are clear, given in ordinary language for the informed person and are richly illustrated by pictorial journeys.

Daniel McCarthy, OSB is a monk of St Benedict’s Abbey in Atchison, KS. He has a doctorate in liturgy from Sant’ Anselmo in Rome, specializing in liturgical architecture. He now lectures in the Sant’ Anselmo program and co-authored a volume on ritual, art and architecture: Come Into the Light

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  1. We still have room available for people to register. I went the last two years in Wichita and it was a very educational and valuable week. It helped tremendously in assisting parishes with their renovation and construction projects.

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