INTROITUS: 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Deus in adjutorium meum intende: Domine ad adjuvandum me festina: confundantur et revereantur inimici mei, qui quaerunt animam meam.

“God, initiate to help me; Lord, hurry for my assistance! My enemies shall be confused and frightened, who challenge my soul.” (Ps 70(69):2–3)

Click here to listen to an audio of the chant.
Sung by Liborius Lumma, Innsbruck (Austria).

I like the word Deus at the very beginning of this introit. It is powerful and expressive. Humans straightening up to God, looking up to heaven, completely focused on the direction of their lives. The entire rest of the introit sounds like an echo to these two syllables an the beginning: Deus.

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