INTROITUS: 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Suscepimus, Deus, misericordiam tuam in medio templi tui: secundum nomen tuum Deus, ita et laus tua in fines terrae: iustitia plena est dextera tua.

“We ponder, God, your mercy, in (the middle of) your temple. Like your name, God, so is your praise to the ends of the earth. Your right hand is full of justice.” (Ps 48(47):10–11)

Click here to listen to an audio of the chant.
Sung by Liborius Lumma, Innsbruck (Austria).

All pronouns is this chant are eye-catching (or ear-catching?). They are not strictly “stressed” in an audible manner, but all of them are composed very carefully. You cannot ignore them; they are more than just filler words required by grammatical rules. Gregorian Chant can be very accurate when it comes to relations, and pronouns are crucial for the verbal expression of relations.

Gregorian Chant can express and deepen relationships: The relationship between the singer and her or his breathing body and voice, between the singers and the listeners, between the Church and the Scripture, between humans and God.

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