60-Second Sermon: 5th Sunday of Easter

Layla Karst reflects on the Gospel for the 5th Sunday of Easter (May 19, 2019).

Layla Karst serves as Assistant Professor of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University. Her current research situates the study of Christian pilgrimage at the intersection of liturgical theology, ritual studies, and critical theory.


  1. I have listened to this twice & turned up the volume so that the intro music is deafening, but still I cannot understand much of what Layla is saying. Perhaps the problem is my Australian ear coping with the US accent, but that hasn’t been as issue with other 60 second homilies. I think that Layla speaks to quickly & not always distinctly – and perhaps the sound equipment wasn’t working well. Pity!

  2. I, too, turned up the volume, but I could understand everything without a problem. Perhaps it is the accent, but it is certainly also a problem with the mic whose volume is set at too low a level and which is positioned too far away from the preacher. Standing closer to the camera or phone is the answer: that way, you don’t get so much of the sound of the room.

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