Pray Tell Poll: Triduum Highlights?

What were some highlights from your Triduum celebration? Share your response in the comments below!


  1. Five couples, where one spouse had just joined the Church, had their marriages blessed by the church at the Easter Vigil. I have not seen that done before at the Vigil and certainly not five couples.
    Also, hopeful to see so many people joining the Church, despite all of the issues. It is confirming that much goodness still remains.

  2. The austere beauty of Tenebrae for Maundy Thursday on Wednesday evening. Hearing Anerio’s Christus factus est and Allegri’s Miserere in the context for which they were written is always a very special experience (for me at any rate). From about 1’30:45 on the link below .

  3. Our previously mute Hispanophone community at our parish finally picking up their orders of service (I will NOT call it a “worship aid”!) and making an effort to sing the Spanish-language music.

  4. The 3 full immersion baptisms – 2 adults & a 4-week-old – at the Easter Vigil. A lot of faces in the assembly were nearly as wet as the dripping neophytes!

  5. Assisting in parish without resident priest it was the Foot washing on Holy Thursday – whole assembly (women, men & children) took part, washing each others’s feet.

  6. It wasn’t anything at a Triduum liturgy for me, but the Easter Sunday sermon: a personal story, movingly told, about a truly low point in the pastor’s life – but the light of Easter broke in, in a very unexpected way; the light of Easter, he said, is our north star, our source of guidance. We were challenged to remember the promise “I am with you always.” The promise ISN’T that things will always be easy, or we will always get the outcomes we want, but that Christ will be present, and the divine light of Easter life is always there, shining on us.
    It was the first time I’ve had tears of joy (vs. fatigue) on Easter Sunday morning in many many years. The divine light of Easter truly shone!

  7. Going to the Ordinariate’s Divine Worship Mass and finding a beauty and dignity in the liturgy.

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