Taking the Lectionary to Task

Lest we liturgical-types get smug over how our lectionaries keep us from only preaching on our favorite passages, Sarah Hinkley Wilson offers a salty assessment of some of the weaknesses of most lectionaries.

I don’t necessarily agree with all her criticisms, but she provides food for thought and some proposed work-arounds (not all of which would work for Roman Catholics who are bound to use the Lectionary).

One comment

  1. Interesting criticism. For Catholics some of her criticism is answered by the daily Mass Lectionary (not to mention the various lectionaries for the Office of Readings).
    However the readings are sometimes totally ignored and the homilist preaches on something totally different.
    What one of my teachers said years ago proves true: the Lectionary system is not designed to teach people the Bible, it is a selection of passages that are meant to make what they know already resonate in them. Sadly a high percentage of practicing Catholics (including clergy) can go from one Sunday to the next without opening a Bible!

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