Pray Tell Poll: Sprinkling in Lent?

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  1. I don’t understand the wording of this question.
    Do you mean is it ever advisable to use the sprinkling rite during Lent;
    or do you mean is it advisable to replace the Penitential rite with sprinkilng throughout Lent?
    We have the sprinkling, Asperges sung in Latin, on the first Sunday of each month. I am entirely happy with this; What should my answer be?

  2. I’m surprised by the vote… I wouldn’t do it every week – probably only once, but to say never? Yikes. So much for it being a baptismal season – and sad that it is equated only at Easter time, when the rubrics indicate it should be used at times all throughout the year.

    1. No one said otherwise. The reality however is that it is almost “never” used outside of Easter. I don’t believe that is a good thing.

      1. I suspect Fr Jack was perhaps reacting to your statement that the “rubrics indicate it *should* be used at times all throughout the year” [emphasis added for clarification].

        Where I tend to church, as it were, the Asperges is a big watery do that douses the server tasked with carrying the big bowl and branches, and gets water all over the aisles (slippery wood) so it’s not great in winter cold.

        That said, I suspect a common reason it may be avoided outside of Easter is pragmatic: it prolongs the introductory rites in the sense that if it’s done richly, it’s longer than the Penitential Act it replaces, since the Gloria would properly follow it and the Asperges already has proper musical texts assigned to it. To me that’s not a reason not to do it, but I am not responsible for making those choices, I just observe them these days

  3. I think the vote misfires because the question needs modifying. It should ask “Are there occasions in Lent when the Rite of Blessing and Sprinkling of Water would be appropriate?” I did not vote on the present question, but would answer Yes to the revised wording.

    What we actually need, however, is a proper discussion thread on the whole question of the (under-used) Rite of Blessing and Sprinkling. If I wasn’t currently on vacation, I would start it!

  4. I agree with Paul.
    In the meantime, I usually use this rite during the easter season, Baptism of the Lord and other occasions where the Scriptures speak about baptism. We take the holy water containers and fill them up directly from the baptismal pool before processing down the aisles. During the sprinkling by the presider and other ministers, we sing the Gloria followed by the Collect. It works quite well.
    Personally, I would not use this rite or celebrate Baptisms during Lent.

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