GOSPEL COMMUNION: Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

February 24: Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

The antiphon today comes directly from the Gospel reading, specifically Luke 6:37-38, with an additional flavour of verse 35: “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful”, taken by Pope Francis as the underpinning for the recent Holy Year of Mercy. Not only will we be rewarded if we show love, but the gifts that will come to us include the gift of the Lord himself in communion.

This is an example of an antiphon which could be used as an ostinato without psalm verses. The verses provided take the extract (He) from Ps 119 suggested by the ICEL Antiphonal and expand it to include
the following section (Vau). The underlying theme is following the law of the Lord and finding life in God’s Word. The He verses (33–40) use the causative form of the Hebrew verbs, which means that we have God’s help in doing everything God calls us to do, especially in forgiving and loving.

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