GOSPEL COMMUNION: Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

February 10: Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

Today’s Gospel reading from Luke 5 tells the well-loved story of the draught of fishes. The antiphon text draws from verses 4, 10 and 11, with resonances of the end of the 1st Reading (Isaiah 6:8). The triple command is also spiritual encouragement for those receiving Communion, who, like Isaiah, will be sent out into the “deep” of the world.

The accompanying psalm verses come from Ps 107, the section with a “watery” text that is also used for the responsorial psalm on the 12th Sunday of Year B, and has obvious links to the antiphon such as v. 24 (“They saw the deeds of the LORD, the wonders he does in the deep”).

The antiphon is deliberately cast in measures alternating 4/4 and 3/4 time, perhaps conveying something of the rocking motion of a boat on the water.

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