INTROITUS: 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Adorate Deum omnes Angeli eius: audivit, et laetata est Sion: et exsultaverunt filiae Judae.

 “Worship God, all his angels. Zion hears and is joyful, and the daughters of Juda rejoice.” (Ps 97(96):7–8)

It is one of the oldest and most crucial Christian beliefs that in the liturgy all borders between heaven and earth are overcome, at least for a short time that gives us a hint at eternity. We humble earthlings can hear the angels sing: Yes, there is more than what is visible in this perishable world.

Trust in such a God who is stronger than our own power should make us very joyful indeed. And for a brief feminist moment in the Latin tradition, we all can become “rejoicing daughters.”

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