Poll Results: Advent Mass Setting

Our unscientific poll of Mass settings being used this coming Advent shows much diversity, but also some signs of emerging consensus. 59 people responded at all of our various social media.

This is interesting: the top four responses are all unmetered chant and account for 25 of the responses:

  • 11 Missa Emmanuel
    5 Missal Chant Mass in English
    5 Missa Simplex (Proulx/O’Connor)
    4 Latin Chant Mass

Six further Masses were mentioned 2 or 3 times:

  • 3 Mass of Joy and Peace
  • 2 Celtic Mass
  • 2 Heritage Mass
  • 2 Mass of Christ the Savior
  • 2 Psallite Mass
  • 2 Storrington Mass

The following were mentioned once:

  • Community Mass
  • Danish Mass
  • German Mass
  • Land of Rest
  • Mass for a New World
  • Mass for Christian Unity
  • Mass for John Carroll
  • Mass for the City
  • Mass of a Joyful Heart
  • Mass of Charity and Love
  • Mass of Creation
  • Mass of Renewal
  • Mass of St. Luke
  • Mass of St. Ann
  • Mass of St. Francis
  • Mass of the Angels and Saints
  • Mass of the Divine Word
  • Misa Una Santa Fe
  • Missa Oecumenica
  • People’s Mass
  • Resonet in Laudibus


  1. Late to the game and too late to be included in your poll, but we’re singing Merbecke’s Communion Service at our Divine Worship Mass throughout Advent. (On green Sundays, it’s usually Healy Willan’s Missa de Sancta Maria Magdalena in D, and occasionally a choral polyphonic setting, most often Byrd’s Mass for Four Voices.)

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