Communion in Pill Form Now Available

Colorado businesswoman Theresa Lay is selling Communion in pill form. It’s for people travelling, or perhaps people in the military. One pill is made of matzo bread powder, the other of red wine extract.

Apparently it’s ecumenical: “Theresa says the pill isn’t associated with any denomination, it doesn’t matter if you’re Protestant or Catholic.”

I suppose some purists will worry about details – a community  to share the sacrament, sign value of a meal with breaking of the bread and pouring of the wine, that sort of thing.

But this part sounds right. Lay says, “I believe communion brings hope and healing to the world. It’s been 2,000 years since the last supper and it’s new every time someone celebrates.”




  1. I don’t have the reference to hand, but I remember reading the ‘American Ecclesiastical Review’ of some month in ’65 or ’66 which pronounced (negatively, as I recall) on the possibility of Communion under both kinds in a pill form. Goes to show that time is sometimes the best test of what seems like a good idea….

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