Feast of Saint Luke, Evangelist

St. Luke the Apostle and Evangelist, 17th Century, Artist unknown

[In his Gospel], Luke stresses the fact that the disciples do not understand the [prophetic words of Jesus preached before his Passion]. Now I think we might meditate a little on this point.

Those who we are plainly told did not understand the words of Christ—which we find so easy to understand—are none other than the Twelve, his apostles, the foundation stones of his Church, Peter and the other eleven, whom he chose, whom he called, who saw his miracles, whom he gathered about him so as to make them the beginning of the new people of God. They do not understand what he is saying. They cannot grasp the fact that he must suffer. They are not even willing to make head or tail of his declaration that in three days he will rise again. …

Is there a lesson here for our own life? Would it not be folly to expect everything to be intelligible, or to accept no more than we can understand? The incomprehensible must lay hold on us, for only then shall we be open to God the infinite, and only if we are that, have we the hope and the promise that we shall find everything.

(From a homily by Karl Rahner)


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