When a Solemnity and a Scandal Fall on the Same Day

There are moments – and yesterday’s Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary was one of them – when the realities around us clash in exceedingly painful ways with the liturgical calendar, and with the Mass texts in particular.  In moments like that, I have found my way into God’s presence through small and basic practices:  arrow prayers (“How long, oh Lord?” “Jesus, remember me.”  “Kyrie eleison.”); nature; and the arts: musical, visual, literary and poetic.

Yesterday, it was a compelling piece of writing that spelled grace for me after I came home from Mass, not least because the author wove her own experience at Mass into her searing reflections.  She also mirrored some of my own experiences at Mass on this beautiful Solemnity, which came in the midst of such terror and scandal in our church.  Here is the link to the blog post on “Steel Magnificat.” Click and read (to paraphrase the command St. Augustine heard).


  1. I’m glad someone brought up the Marian connection. It’s too bad that yesterday’s news cast a dark pall on Her solemnity, but I think it serves as a unique opportunity for a renewed prayer life with the Blessed Mother, whose sinless example is so needed in the Church right now. I think this, in addition to needed reforms, will be very important for the Church’s future.

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