Thank You Pray Tell Readers!

Pray Tell’s Editorial Advisory Committee is meeting this morning. The members are Rita Ferrone, Nathan Chase, Mark Rodriguez, Nick Denysenko, and Katharine Harmon. It is a pleasure working with people so passionate about the mission of the church, the liturgy, and this blog. I’m grateful to each of these fine people.

Summer is when we update our strategic plan, and part of that involves looking at statistics and metrics. At today’s meeting we’re looking at Google Analytics stats comparing traffic a year ago with now. It’s been quite a year: we completely redesigned our website, and we increased the content posted – made possible in large part by the hiring of two (rather than one) graduate assistants from the School of Theology and Seminary. I’m grateful for the great work of Alex Blechle and Matt Nelson.

  • Pray Tell  user numbers have increased over 109% in the past year!
  • New users have increased over 121% in the past year!
  • 9% of the new viewers are age 18-24.
  • 17% of the new viewers are age 25-34.
  • 15% of the new viewers are age 35-44.
  • 45% of our viewers were under 45 this past month.

Thank you, Pray Tell readers, for your faithful support of this blog. Thanks especially for your thoughtful and constructive comments.

Here’s to another good year.




  1. A huge thank you to Fr. Ruff and all those who contribute for this site! PT continues to be an invaluable resource in my spiritual life and parish work. It’s wonderful to see more people (especially young people) taking advantage of this great apostolate. God Bless!

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