Paul VI on liturgical reform Part 1

Ed.: Pope Paul VI , who was pope 1963-1978, is to be canonized a saint on October 14, 2018. During and after the Second Vatican Council, he oversaw the most massive liturgical reform in the history of the Roman Catholic Church. In view of his canonization, Pray Tell is occasionally  publishing some of his most significant statements on liturgical reform .

Our foremost concern is clearly that the faithful, and especially priests, dedicate themselves first of all to the study of the Constitution on the Liturgy and from this moment on prepare themselves to carry out its prescriptions wholeheartedly as soon as these take effect. Because by the very nature of the case the understanding and dissemination of liturgical laws must go into effect without delay, we earnestly exhort bishops of dioceses to an immediate, intense effort, aided by their sacred ministers, “the stewards of God’s mysteries” (1 Cor 4:1), so that their own faithful, in keeping with their age, particular state in life, and level of culture will grasp the innate power and value of the liturgy and at the same time participate devoutly, body and soul, in the rites of the Church (SC 19).

(Moto proprio Sacram Liturgiam, January 25, 1964)